Laundry Repair

Dryer Repair


These can be a nuisance when broken down. Not being able to dry your clothes in a timely matter can lead to a build up of wet laundry very quickly.

Types of Dryers

Top Load

As the door typically is located on the front, you can tell if top load if the contols are located in the back on a small riser like a top load washer.

Front Load

These tend to be slightly larger capacity and feature packed. The controls are located front and center with lint traps located inside the door.

Common Problems

Not Heating

Many things could be to blame including a bad fuse, temperature switch, thermostat, timer or heating coils

Drum not Spinning

More than likely a broken or worn belt is the culpret. A bad roller, motor or idler pulley could also be the issue.

Gets too Hot

This issue needs to be addressed immediately as it could cause a fire. Possible cause could be the venting is blocked.

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