Microwave Repair

Microwave Repair


These are convenient to reheat food and some also the offer a built in hood to go over the stove top to add venting.

Types of Microwaves


These are offered in a variety of sizes and power but do take away from precious counter space.

Over the Range

These units are built with a hood inside and free up counter space by placing this unit above your cooking surface.


Styles vary from drop down doors, drawer models or counter top microwaves with a trim kit to give the built in look.

Common Problems

Turntable Not Working

This could be that the unit is off of the caousel located underneath. Make sure the table is aligned properly, or that the turntable button isn't set to off available on some models.

Not Heating Food

If food isn't heating or you hear a loud buzzing a defective magnetron, capacitor or diode could be to blame.

Touch Pad isn't Responsive

Wetness or humidity could be to blame. This could have caused damage and may need to be replaced.

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