Refrigeration Repair

Refrigeration Repair

Home Refrigeration

Offered in a variety of styles these chillers keep your food fresh and slow the growth of bacteria that cause food to go bad

Types of Refrigerators

Top Freezers

These are the most common style for refrigerators and in the past have been less featured than other styles. Some companies are starting to re-invent the top freezer by adding water dispensers, or offereing different types of shelving to accomadate your needs.

Bottom Freezer

A bottom freezer does offer much easier access to the refrigeration section which typically is the most used. The freezer does take some getting used to as it's a different way to organize your frozen goods.

Side By Side

These offer both the fridge and freezer sections very easy to access and get what you need. You are limited on width in both the fridge and freezer so large platters or pizza boxes could be a challenge. These sytles typically include an external ice and water dispenser.

French Door

These today are the most wanted style refrigerator with two small doors for the fridge above the freezer, and typically include some of the best features available on todays market. To name a few LED lighting, extra large capacity, dispensers and air filters.

All Refrigeration

These offer just a large all fresh food section for your fresh or everyday shoppers. These usually can be matched with an all freezer to take advantage of larger capacities not available with the other styles.


Made for tight spaces like an office or dorm, and some for undercounters these offer a small place to keep food fresh. In some models these include a small freezer section as well, with ice trays.

Common Problems

Leaking Water

A plugged drain hose or defrost drain could be the colpret. Also, the door gasket could be going bad allowing moisture to drip on to the floor.

Frost Build Up in Freezer

The evaporator fan and/or motor may need to be replaced. Could be the defrost system is going as well.

Making Loud Noises

This could be the compressor motor is starting to fail, or the fan is in need of replacing. Sometimes these noises have been caused by the condensation lines themselves.

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