Trash Compactor Repair

trash compactor repair

Trash Compactors

Who enjoys taking out the trash? These units hold and compact your rubbish in special bags allowing you take your trash out less and make a smaller footprint when taken to the landfill.

Types of Trash Compactors


Usually covered with a decorative top allow the flexibilityof having a compactor without doing any cabinetry modifications.


Installed without a top to fit under your current counter top, these units are available to put a custom wood panel on if you choose to hide the compactor in your existing cabinetry.

Common Problems

Won't Compact

Most often due to a broken or a slack in the drive belts could be the issue. If not a burnt out motor can be to blame.

Drawer or Door won't Open

Make sure the ram has returned to the top and check for damaged guides, rollers or tracks.

Smells Horrible

Trash can sometimes build up on the ram. Check your manual as these need to be cleaned periodically.

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