Ventilation Repair

Vent Hood Repair

Vent Hoods

These remove odors and smoke/humidity while cooking to keep your kitchen and house smelling fresh.

Types of Ventilation


Located directly behind the cooking surface and under the counter top. These raise above the cooking surface and suck the air down thru the kickplate or into the basement and outside.

Wall/Ceiling Mounted Hoods

Tend to be the most popular style of hoods that come in a variety of styles and power (CFM). These are becoming a focal point in the kitchen as there is a hood for any style and personality.


These are basically the guts of the hood that allow your cabinet maker to build a custom surround to blend into the surrounding cabinetry.

Common Problems

Blower Hums

This could be a sign that the motor needs to be replaced or that there is debri in the housing rubbing against the fan

Blower or Lights not Working

Chances are the board has become faulty and needs to be replaced.

Lights not Working

This can be as simple as the bulbs need replacing. If not the lighting assembly may need to be looked at.

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