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Washing Machines

Everybody gets dirty and laundry can start adding up really fast when it goes down. Call Poirier to get one of our trained technicians out there fast to get it fixed.

Types of Washers

Top Load

These are your traditional style washers with the drop down lid. Available in both High Efficient models and Traditional these are the most popular styles people know.

Front Load

Offered in a variety of colors these units tend to be deeper than the top loads. These are all High Efficient models and most tend to have extra large capacities.


These allow the portablitly for placed where placing a permanent washer isn't possible.

Common Problems

Washer not Spinning

Could be something as simple as a defective lid switch to a worn or broken drive belt.

Machine is Leaking

Excess soap, loose hoses and leaking pumps could be to blame when you see water leaking on your floor.

Spots on Clothes

Chances are this is transmission fluid and a defective transmission.

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