Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

Home Freezers

Offered in an upright or chest configuration these allow bulk storage of items. Taking advantage of grocery sales, or a garden harvest shouldn't be limited to just a refrigerator.

Types of Freezers

Upright Freezers

These offer options typically with adjustable shelving, and allow less installation room than a chest freezer. Does offer easy organization and at a quick glance you can see what you have, though these do offer slightly smaller usable space than the chest freezer.

Chest Freezer

Offers great storage capacity for large and odd sized items. Downside of these is the stacking type of organization as well as the constant bending to see and grab what you have.

Common Problems


This can cause frost build up and reduce capacity. A cause could be dirty evaporator coils.

Not Cooling

Many issues can cause the unit not to cool, here is a list of just a few. Location is to hot or humid, temperature controls were accidently nudged, bad door seals, compressor issues or an overly packed freezer blocking the rear vents.

Making Loud Noises

This could be the compressor motor is starting to fail, or the fan is in need of replacing.

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