Ovens, Ranges, and Cooktops

Range Repair

Ovens, Ranges, and Cooktops

These can be one of the most stressful appliances to be down. Without these the chances of a home cooked meal are slim to none, so don't delay in getting a hold of Poirier Service to get you back up and running.

Types of Cooking

Built in Wall Ovens

These are built in units with either one or two ovens and come in 24", 27" and 30" widths. Typically these units are electric but there are some gas wall ovens as well.


These are freestanding or slide-in units that include an oven and cooktop in one piece. In a small kitchen these offer great space saving solution.


These are just a cooking surface with no oven. These come in a variety of sizes and sometimes offer the ability to have a grill and or a griddle built in to them.

Common Problems

Oven Door Won't Open

This can be caused by a misaligned self clean door latch, a defective touch pad or oven control.

Not Baking or Broiling

A bad ignitor may be to blame, in gas models this could be a spark electrode, spark module or ignition wire.

Burners Not Lighting

This is typically an issue with the orfice or ignitor. Please call a technician as working with gas models can be dangerous.

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