Ice Machine Repair

Ice Machine Repair

Residential Ice Machine

These offer the ease of making ice without needing to fill a water reservoir or filling ice trays. Some of these units offer clear ice perfect for beverages that need to stay cold longer.

Types of Ice Makers

Freezer Units

These are installed in the refrigerators and offer a small amount of ice for your family. Typically these just drop the ice into a bin for storage and use.

Portable Ice Machines

These are freestanding unit without the need for a water line. Filling a reservoir these will make ice very quickly but won't stop the ice from melting.

Undercounter or Freestanding

These are typically the most expensive but offer large quantities of ice storage. Most need a waterline and a drain but there are a few where no drain is needed. These also offer a more diverse selection of ice from cubes, nuggets and clear ice to name a few.

Common Problems

Cubes are Malformed

A clogged water filter or supply line may cause the evaporator to freeze, which can lead to the halt of making ice cubes.

Not Making Ice

Inlet water temperature can be a cause as if the water is to warm the icemaker won't take water in to protect itself.

Unit not Taking in Water

Make sure the valve to waterline is open. If so the valve on the machine may be gone.

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